Queen Size Loft Beds Reviews

Queen Size Loft Beds Reviews

Queen Size Loft Beds


While small spaces can be considered warm and cozy, sometimes they can be too small and suffocating. Over time you may find your place too confined and sooner or later you will find yourself running out of space for your various activities, in a situation like this you will have to figure out how to maximize your space, how to make the most out of the small space available.

It is a known rule all over the world that if we find ourselves running out of space, we start building upwards. Loft beds were designed for this very reason, to make sure that your space is effectively utilized. While loft beds are mostly known to be used for kid’s rooms, contrary to the popular belief there are queen sized loft beds available in the market as well that can be used by adult’s teens or whoever is in need of them.

Some exemplary situations are said you have a very small condo where you have space for a full sized bed in your room, but that leaves with no sitting area in the room. Instead of getting a normal bed a loft bed will cover less space, and you can use one of the bunks as sitting area.

Similarly, loft beds are perfect for when you have sleepovers for your kids or even for adults if you have guests over. Since most of the queen size loft beds can be separated or come with a trundle you now have plenty of space to share for sleeping.

queen size loft beds

So, if you are in a situation of this sort yourself and need to make extra room with a queen sized loft bed or maybe if you are just interested in a bed like this, in general because you like the look of it and the fun aspect of it for the kid in you, in this article we will be discussing some queen sized loft beds. This article will give you a generic idea of what to look for when it comes to buying a loft bed or how they can be useful for your particular needs and it will give you the know-how of the features of queen sized and maybe will help you choose a bed of your own from these five queen sized loft beds we discuss here today.

  1. Pammy Twin over Queen Bunk Bed in Espresso

This Queen Bunk Bed by Furniture of America is perfect for those looking for a loft bed with a beautiful design in addition to quality. This bed in its beautiful Espresso color is constructed from solid wood and veneer. The bed features a top bunk that has ladder access and safety guard rails to ensure the security for those of us that are a little scared to sleep in the top bunk and tend to roll around quite a lot in our sleep, so no falling over the rails.

The bed showcases a durable and sturdy wooden construction and provides the promise of long lasting appeal and quality. For the bottom bunk a queen size mattress is needed and for the top bunk a twin sized mattress is needed. The bed’s classic design makes it suitable for any kind of interior, and it will blend in very nicely with any kind of home decor.

It comes with an optional pull-out trundle which is sold separately and offers extra bedding space and built in drawers to hold your stuff.

The overall dimensions of the bed are 64.75 inches in length, 86.75 inches in width and 71.75 inches in its height, and the bed weighs about 247 pounds. The top bunk holds about 150 pounds of weight. Some assembly for the bed is required, but it is not very difficult and instructions are pretty easy for anyone to follow.

The bed has generated favorable reviews, customers have loved the quality and sturdiness of the bed. Most clients have reported taking two to three hours to put it all together. Overall the Pammy Twin over Queen bunk bed by Furniture of America is a pretty nice purchase for its reasonable price tag.

2.         Columbia Bunk Bed by Atlantic Furniture with 2 Flat Panel Bed Drawers, Full Over Full, Antique Walnut

This beautiful Bed by Atlantic Furniture is perfect for anyone who is looking for class and beauty in even the most minuscule details. The bed features classic mission styling, so it, therefore, is the embodiment of class with its antique looks, perfect finish and a very nice Walnut color, which will give your space a beautiful rustic look.

The bed has been designed with durability in mind. It has been manufactured with eco-friendly hardwood to provide an excellent finish. The bed has been tested for safety.  It was found to meet and exceed industry standards for safety, which is imperative for bunk beds since you would not want it collapsing while you are sleeping or it causing splinters when you are climbing on the top bunk. A slat system is available which can accommodate a 9 ½ inch mattress which is a decent thickness for a mattress.

The convertibility of the bed is very impressive. You can use it as a bunk bed or as separate beds if the need for it arises or if you simply get bored and like to make changes in your interior decor once in a while.

The bed weighs about 300 pounds, and its dimensions are 80.5 x 58.4 x 68.1 inches the end panels of the Columbia bunk bed and its guard rails come fully assembled which ensures durability and sturdiness and leaves the very small amount of assembly for you to handle yourself.

The feedback for the Columbia Bunk Bed has been fantastic. With an average of 4.4 in a 5-star rating out of which over 80% customers gave five stars, the bed is loved for its top quality; it’s gorgeous antique looks and its very easy assembly which anyone can handle since the instructions are so clear.

So for the lovers of classic, elegant and antique designs this bed will quickly become your favorite sleep time fort, it will become your safe heaven and will make you feel completely satisfied with its good quality and value.  The bed will last you quite a long time.

  1. Denny Twin XL-Queen Bunk Bed by Furniture of America in White

The bed is the central point of a bedroom and therefore can give a certain look to it. Some interiors demand something with entirely dainty looking that lights up the room and gives it a fresher look, the Denny Twin XL, Queen Bunk Bed by Furniture of America in White is precisely that. The construction and the simple yet elegant looking design of the bed and its delicate looking white color is perfect for little kid’s room or for a room for girls who want a lovely girly look for their room.

The wooden frame of the bed comes with an insert and lock construction which can be very useful. The top bunk has safety guardrails and ladder access, the position and placement of the ladder is not like usual bunk beds as it is in the front of the bed. However, front angled some prefer ladder placement but not everyone but it gives the bed a nice look and if you can always place the ladder on the side when not in use. The bed has a slat kit included and therefore comes mattress ready. The head boards and foot boards have a Mission inspired Slatted design. The bed is made out of wood which gives it a nice finish.

The bed is 67.6 inches long, 86.5 inches wide and 65.5 inches in its height. It weighs about 137 pounds. Both the beds can be used separately according to preference or if the need arises, for example, if a guest appears and you want to put the bed in another room. And can support weights of kids and adults alike so it can be used in a child’s room or for a college dorm or a regular youngsters room.

As far as the customer feedback for the Denny Twin XL Queen Bunk Bed by Furniture of America is concerned, it has had a very positive feedback, with users loving the sturdiness of the bed, the dainty, the elegant and clean look of it and its top notch quality. It does not take very long to assemble so you don’t have to worry about that. Another major factor that everyone loved is the fact that it has every good attribute that one can ask for in bed, but it still has a very reasonable price.

4.         Steven Bunk Bed, Twin Over Queen, by Furniture of America in Dark Walnut

The next bed we are going to talk about here is the Steven Bunk Bed by Furniture of America, and it is perfect for those seeking a simple, classic look with no extra over the top designs and details.

The bed comes in a lustrous Dark Walnut finish and has paneling head and foot board which is adorned with an attractive slatted wood, this slatted wood adornment gives the bed a very classic look. The bed combines Traditional elements with contemporary functionality which are a delightful combination, the modern Mission style of the bed adds to the sturdy construction of this twin over queen bunk bed. The top bunk has safeguard rails, so no falling over in sleep and it also has a ladder that is front angled which ensures easy access to the top bunk, the bed would adapt to any room’s appearance but would work most perfectly for your boy’s room, since they will love its simple yet classic design.

The bed conforms to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your loved ones who use the bed. It has a slats support system which makes a box-spring optional, and it has a slat kit, so the bed is mattress ready. The top bunk can hold a twin size mattress, and the bottom bunk holds a queen size mattress, which means plenty of sleeping room to share. The frame consists of selected solid wood and strength enhancing veneers. The dimensions of the bed are 86 ½ inches in length, 67 ½ inches in width and 65 ½ inches in its height. The Steven bunk bed weighs about 188 pounds. Some assembly is required for the bed, but it is not very difficult or complicated.

The bed has generated fairly positive reviews, consumers have reported that it is quite easy to assemble, very sturdy and ends up looking great with all kinds of decor since its design is quite adaptable to all kinds of interior.

5.         Bunk Bed Full over Full with Trundle by Donco in Cappuccino

For those of you that are looking for a bed with plenty of space to sleep or to roll around on as number one priority combined with a beautiful design that gives your room a rustic, cozy feel then this is the perfect bed for you.

This bunk bed by Donco comes in a very warm and lovely Cappuccino color. Both beds come with a slat roll foundation which provides a very secure support for a standard full-size mattress. The bed has solid wood construction. The top bunk comes with guard rails to ensure security, so you don’t have to worry about falling off of the bed. The bed has been tested rigorously and meets, in fact, exceeds ASTM and CSPC safety standards, so that you and your loved ones can use the bed without fearing a collapse or something of that sort. The ladder to reach the top bunk ensures easy and safe access because of its flat ladder rungs.

The bed comes with a roll out trundle which means you have plenty of room to stretch out on. This trundle is perfect for when you need extra sleeping space for guests, so you and your kids will love it and get the full use out of it in the case of a guest arrival or a sleepover.

The bed is perfect for those who look for versatility in things and for ways to refresh the look of their space a lot. As both the bunk beds can be used separately to give you two good sized bed which is quite useful sometimes and If you are after the looks then it can change the look of your room completely refreshing it.

The bed is 62 inches in height, 78.5 inches in its length and has a width of 59 inches. The top bunk can support 250 to 300 pounds which is pretty great for bunk beds. The solid wood making makes it a practical and a durable choice for a kid’s room or adult’s rooms alike. All the wood parts are thoroughly sanded and sealed which gives it a smooth, safe and splinter free coating, finishes are child-safe and lead-free, so you should be free from any worry when it comes to your kids playing around in the bed

Consumers have had very nice things to say about the bed. Customers have reported that the bed, when put together entirely, is quite sturdy, well made, has a very nice color and design in person as well and is great value for its cost.

End Remarks

Loft beds were the ultimate cool and fun thing for kids back in the day and have remained to be so even now for all children. Whether it’s a fight of which sibling or friend will get to the top bunk first or making it into an imaginary fort, loft beds are quite fun for a kid’s room and can be an excellent way to save space such that the entire room is not covered with a large bed only. It takes less space leaving more room for your kids to play around (or annoyingly to chase each other around) or for their study desks or sitting area in general.

But that does not mean that they are just for kids, adults and teens can use them as well. With the queen sized loft beds like the five example that we have discussed above you can use them in whatever space you want to, with a range to choose from. Whether it is effective utilization of a small apartment or a condo they can fit anywhere and can look like they belong to that place, there are many examples of people maximizing their loft or condo space by using these beds.

College dorms are another place for loft beds and can save space in your room so that you can put other furniture in the room where you and your roommate can have fun in.

So when choosing a bed whether it is for your toddlers, teens, college kids or yourself do ponder over the vast collection of queen sized loft beds which are available everywhere. They definitely are a wise decision.

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