Loft Beds for Kids

Loft Beds for Kids

Loft Beds for Kids


As a parent decoration your child’s room and furnishing it can be quite time-consuming and confusing task. A room is where your child will spend a lot of their time, and you would want them to feel like it’s their safe haven. But with so many options on what to do and what not to do you may find yourself getting confused over the most basic things especially if you’re trying to save space in the process of providing the perfect bedroom for your child.

Growing up most kids if asked what their dream bedroom would be like, would tell you about a room which involves a bunk bed or a loft bed of their own as for a kid sleeping in the top bunk is super exciting. The Loft bed is their own personal little space, which they completely own themselves. It is for the same reason kids build forts from pillows and blankets because it gives them a tiny little space that is completely their own, their own little world. They promote a sense of wellbeing and help with playing and bonding. Other than the fun factor, loft beds are also great for saving space and kids can use all the extra space to keep study tables in or to put their toys in, and there is lots you can do with the extra space.

loft beds for kids

So if you are a parent looking for a loft bed that will tie together your child’s room then in this article, we will be discussing a few options for you so that you may have an idea about general loft beds and what you should look for in them.

  1. DHP Junior Loft Bunk

This bed by DHP is perfect for your child if you are very concerned about their safety and want them to have the feeling of being in the top bunk without you worrying about your child falling off of the bed in their sleep. So the kid will have the area to play underneath the loft bed, and they will still have a top bunk. This is because the bed is neither too high nor too low and is perfectly safe for any kid. Other than the safety factor the bed is designed to consider smaller rooms, and it will fit amazingly in any small room with its space-saving intelligently designed metal frame.

The bed is composed of a sturdy metal frame, and the loft bed is durable and robust enough to last years of usage. It comes in two colors one is silver the other is black, both colors look very nice, and the bed has a very clean nice finish, and the bed would look great with all kinds of interiors in a kid’s bedroom. Although it is an ideal height and can be used by any kid, however, it will be most suitable for younger kids since the height of the bed is low and it will not be difficult to use for younger children. The bed comes with a metal ladder for your child to reach the bed. There is free space underneath the bed which can be used for keeping things like toys books a small trunk anything, or it could be just used as a play area.

The bed is 78 inches in length, 41.5 inches in width and 50 inches in height. The bed can withstand a weight limit of about 200 pounds which is pretty great considering it’s a kids bed. It does require some assembly, but the instructions are pretty clear.

The bed has had fantastic feedback with people loving the simplistic yet modern design of the bed which adapts to any room and theme. It took approximately one and a half hour for most customers to put the bed together and they said the assembly was easy to figure out. The users loved the sturdiness of the bed and how it doesn’t creak or anything. Since there aren’t a lot of loft beds for younger kids out there, this is a perfect bed with its low height.

2.         Your Zone Twin Wood Loft Style Bunk Bed

This bed is again a very nice option for those looking for versatility and functionality in a beautiful traditional wooden design. This bed features a very sturdy pine wood construction and the white coat on top of the wood looks very nice and gives a very homely, cozy feel to the room, and it can blend in a great seamless way with any kind of room decor and theme since it coordinates in a great way with all kinds of furniture.

The bed includes solid panels as headboard and footboard which are very strong and good quality. Its pinewood construction and sturdiness gives it a little edge in comparison to other loft beds. It has a slat kit installed so it can accommodate a standard twin size mattress without needing a box spring. The bed comes with a ladder that can be mounted on the left or the right side of the bed based on your preference and how it looks lovely in your room. The bed has a smooth white finish and has been tested to meet all regulatory standards, so you don’t have to worry about the safety point of view. The dimensions of the bed are 79 inches in length, 72 inches in height and 43 inches in its width which is very spacious. All hardware is included with this bed. The bed requires some assembly, but you don’t have to worry a lot about that since the assembly instructions are included, and they are easy to follow.

The height from floor to the mattress platform is 56 inches. This space can be used in a number of ways you can easily accommodate a desk underneath along with a side table to be used as a study table or you could put a dressing table underneath. It can even be used to accommodate toys or as a play area for your kids.

The feedback for the bed has been fantastic. With an average of 4.2 stars out of five. Customers have especially loved how sturdy, robust and strong the bed is. The quality of the bed is impeccable, and people were very happy to get the high quality at such a reasonable price. Another thing that people loved was the spaciousness of it people have been using the space underneath for various kinds of things from bookshelves to doll houses to tables. The assembly of the bed required two hours on average for people and customers reported it to be quite an easy task.

3.         Your Zone Metal Loft Twin Bed

This bed by “Your Zone” is suitable not only for younger kids but can even be used for ten to twelve years old or early teens as well, all because of its sturdiness and strength. The bed is perfect for those looking for a space-saving solution in a twin size loft bed. The bed comes in a beautiful shiny black finish which is very smooth and good quality. And would give any room quite a makeover.

The bed features a lot of innovation in its design. It is intended to solve storage problems so that you can store as many things you can in a given space. The most efficient utilization of space is possible. The bed is comprised of a twin sized loft bed which can support up to two twenty-five pounds which are a seal of approval as far as the sturdiness factor is concerned. It comes with two ladders which can be fitted against the bed to ensure safe and quick access to the top bunk. The bunk is guarded with guard rails, so you don’t have to worry about your kids rolling out of their beds in their sleep. Although we are talking about the black finish here, however, it comes in a number of other finishes as well, which is why you can choose any to look right in your room. The bed is very versatile and will look great in any room.

As far as the storage point of view is concerned, the bed leaves enough space underneath to fit anything you want to. If it’s a boy’s room you can turn it into an excellent gaming zone or a game shed, for a girl’s room a pretty dressing area would be lovely. You can add bookshelves and a reading nook or a sitting area comprised of cushions and blankets. The dimensions of the bed are 78.3 x 41.9 x 72.2 inches. It requires some assembly.

With an almost seventy percent of five-star ratings, the customers have been very pleased with the bed and have had very positive things to say about it. It has been reported to be very sturdy and quite easy to put all together. The bed allows for a maximum utilization of the available space.

4.         WE Furniture Twin Metal Loft Bed in Silver

This bed by We Furniture has a contemporary look to it, but it still retains the simplicity factor. So if you are someone looking for a chic style, with modern, clean looks which is stable and sturdy while letting you save your space for its most effective utilization, then this is the bed for you.

The bed includes a sturdy steel frame that promises stability. It has support slats included, so you won’t be needing a box spring and can put a twin size mattress directly on the bed. The bed is surrounded by guard rails for maximum security and safety which helps in the avoidance of any mishap or falling incidents. It comes with two integrated ladders for both the ends of the bed, the dual ladders add to the accessibility of the bed.  It is constructed from powder coated steel which gives the bed a very nice look.

The bed can support up to 250 pounds of weight, so no need to worry about it being fragile. It ships ready to assemble and very clear step by step instructions are given to help you. In putting everything together. The dimensions of the bed are 71 inches in height, 79 inches in its length and 42 inches in its width which is a pretty decent size. You will have to assemble the loft bed yourself, but it is not very difficult to do so since instructions are available and they are very easy to follow.

You can use the space underneath the lofted bed in a number of ways, and you can convert it into a nice little play area for your kid or a reading nook. It can even be used if you find yourself running out of space when a guest comes over.

The bed has had a lot of positive review from happy customers who approved the bed in all aspects whether it’s the beautiful design of the bed or the safety aspects and the sturdiness of the bed. It can be accommodated in all kinds of rooms and makes for a very nice cozy room with a lot of space you can use to fit all your needs.


So if you are in fact looking for a fun loft bed for your kid while making sure that it does not hog all your space up and leaves lots of room for you to do other things like making a playing area or adding other pieces of furniture then I hope these space-saving yet kid friendly loft bed examples were helpful for you, since all of these examples are going to be very fun for your kids since children love loft beds and find them very cool, and the space-saving point of view is just the added bonus which will help you a lot. So, I hope you found some new things about loft beds today, and I hope these examples helped you make a decision. Buying a loft bed for your kids will not be something you would regret later.

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