Loft Bed with Slides

Loft Bed with Slides

Loft Bed with Slides

When the decor of the child’s room comes in your mind, it’s the space that seems to be the most attention seeking point to accommodate your child’s tiny treasures adequately. Nothing can be more useful than the loft or bunk beds in this regard as it maximizes the space and moreover your child will find it very playful. These stylish and captivating loft bed with slides not only adds in style but fits in well with the other furnished items and tons of toys for the children.

loft bed with slides

Lofty Beds are customized in such a manner that it can be utilized for other bits and pieces too. Other than beds, it contains an extensive space underneath which can be converted as a study corner for a child or may be utilized as a play area. It can also be consumed for making closets or drawers for keeping clothes, toys, etc. Space is substantial enough to make frames or racks, where your child can keep books and other essential belongings. This very efficient utilization not only creates space but also save money. So, one can say that lofty beds are space creators as well as the money savers.

The designers and manufacturers are working brilliantly on the creation of the high beds. They have come up with very splendid and innovative ideas which encompass the comfort as well as the class. Their first and foremost target is to gain the child’s attention with the color scheming and the various themes. For this purpose, they choose to make these beds with very attractive colors. The colors chosen are very fresh and bright that fits in well with any child’s room.  The themes which are being used are mostly of the most familiar themes of cartoon movies and their characters which apparently fascinate a child very much. The ideas used gives a very joyful and fun-loving appearance to a room and children love and enjoy being in their rooms.

Lofty beds are being designed by keeping in mind the modern fashion and trends which are continuously changing and so are the designs. The demands and the requirements vary from customer to customer. Although space was saving is the common purpose for all other prerequisites may differ. Numerous eye catching and unique lofty beds are queued which delivers a wide range of very appealing designs and comfort.

In this article, our primary focus is the loft beds that are available with the facility of the slides. The slide is a triumphal and cheery feature of these lofty beds which forms the basis of the main attraction to the kids. Children accompanying their parents will mostly prefer taking elevated beds with slides and insist their parents do so. To check out and make the selection from the color schemes and themes accessible, while considering the requirements as well as your child’s liking, let us take a visit through the catalog and look for the lofty beds available with slides.






  1. Kids Twin Loft Tent Bed from Donco with Slide in Light Espresso color:

The Kids Twin Loft Tent Bed from Donco with Slide is a perfectly designed bed with a solid pine construction. Pine is a cheap wood. So a good choice as loft beds is eventually replaced when the kids grow up.  It gives a very decent and simple look. The wood used for its preparation delivers a very sturdy and strong impression. It has a ladder at one corner to climb the bed and slide at the other end to sailing down the bed.

Tent Below:

Underneath the bed, the area is covered, and this tent can serve the purpose of playing area or may be a sound corner to enjoy a good book. During the afternoon a child may also take a good quick nap in the tent. The tent is available in different colors and print patterns. It can be plain in various bright, beautiful colors or may have small print on it like polka dots or check. The availability of different colors offers you to make a selection of the tent color according to the room curtains and carpets.

Fully protected with a rail:

The top bunk is exposed, with a rail all around. Obviously, every parent is concerned about the safety of the child and looks for the material and features which ensure that their child is in safe hands. Well, your concerns are our concerns!! Keeping in mind these apprehensions of the parents and making them at ease, this loft bed is designed to give complete protection to your child. The rail is prepared for the safety of your child. The child is made secure and prevented from falling. The designers ensure that your child should get a sound-protected sleep at the top.


The finishing of Donco Kids Twin Loft Tent Bed with Slide is light Espresso which gives a spotless and pure look. Perfectly polished, set at the corner of your child’s room gives a very compact and sober peek.


It is assembled with the length of 75 inches. Its width is 14 inches with a height of 3 inches. The weight of this item is 46 pounds.






  1. DHP Junior Loft Bed with a Slide

DHP Junior Loft Bed with a slide is certainly a very simple looking loft bed. It is made of a metal material and is polished in white. Due to its color, it gives a very creamy and soothing effect to the room. The top bunk can accommodate one twin mattress. It has a slide and a ladder where your child can have endless fun. The child climbs the ladder to get on the bed and can slide down from the other side. The slide is protected from the sides to avoid any unforeseen.

Below the bunk:

Underneath is the space available which can be utilized in the way you want. As this loft bed is usually for the kids of 4 years so the free space is left for running around. You can also make use of this spot by setting up a play area for your child and keep their toy basket and stuff toys there. Moreover, a closet can be placed there thus making the room more spacious.

This free space can be used in many manners. It all depends on your child’s interest and desire. For girls, a kitchen corner or the laundry place can be set underneath. They can also put a doll house and their accessories, making the place look fabulous by a complete room established for the dolls. Whereas when it comes to the boys, action figures can be displayed. The boys can also set out their robotics and various machines.

Rail Protection:

Every child is equally important and has its significance. Your child is our child, and so we are evenly worried about every child. For this purpose, we design our products to make each child secure. The Bunk is entirely surrounded with a rail to discourage any accident to occur. A child may fall from the top so it should be made safe and sound. A proper metal rail is made all around to protect your child.


The height of this loft bed is 42.5 inches, whereas the length and width of this elevated bed are 78 inches and 42 inches respectively. The Weight of this item is 84.5 pounds.






  1. The twin sized Kid’s Oates Loft Bed with Slide and Tent by Coaster:

The twin sized Kid’s Oates Loft Bed with Slide and Tent by Coaster is one of the most popular lofted beds among boys. Boys are always excited about this lofted bed which fits very well within their rooms. It is made of a metal material and is furnished in black. It also has a ladder on one side and a slide to glide down on the other which is having its sides high thus ensuring a safe sliding. While making it all set within the room, it needs to be assembled, but it is not a big deal as a complete guide comes along which is quite easy to understand and assemble it very quickly.

Tent Area:

Underneath is a tent area which is also covering a bit outer area other than just under the bed, thus making a very spacious tent that can be used for many purposes. Boys can set it according to their wish. One corner can be accumulated to hold a box containing various sports stuff like bats, balls, rackets, gloves, pads, etc. On the other hand, the other side of the tent area can display mechanical and computerized instruments. The cloth used for the tent is camouflaged which is most liked by the boys. It gives a perfect boyish touch to this lofty bed.

Add on Accessories:

This lofty bed with a camouflaged tent does not stop inspiring the boys here and makes them deadly attracted to it much further. So what else do we have here to offer? Well, we are offering accessories along with it which are also available at very cheap rates.

The accessories firstly include a comforter which is 60% cotton and 40% poly. This comforter features a camouflage pattern in shades of olive green, forest green, and khaki.

It also includes a fitted flat sheet in similar colors along with a pillow case. It is a cotton rich component. The comforter and the sheet are machine washable.

A pop-up hamper with a camouflaged pattern can also be added to your cart. It is made up of the material, nylon. And can be used for multiple purposes. Its usage depends on upon your requirement, but it fits in perfect within the room along with the lofty bed with a camouflaged tent. It has a zipper top closure and is made up of superior quality. The dimensions of the product are 18 x 18 x 22 inches, and it weighs 2 pounds. It is very light added on accessory and simple to handle.

You can also place an order for the three-piece window curtains which is matched with the camouflaged comforter and the tent cloth. It is a 63-inch window panel set which includes two panels and one valance. It is of the imported quality and is again a machine washable.


Rail Protection:

Just like other lofted beds this bed is again a secured one. Boys are very naughty, and they need these extra protections against any nasty fall. The railing is made from a solid rod metal which covers the entire surrounding area.


After getting assembled, it represents the height of 49.75 inches. It has a width of 100 inches and a length of 116 inches. This loft bed weighs 132 pounds.

  1. Twin Low Loft Bed With Slide No Tent – Light Espresso:

Low loft bed with slide is one of our products which again depicts and describes an example of simplicity and decency. It is made up of a pine wood. The pine wood is available at a very low price, so this lofty bed turns out to be very economical. This lofted bed lack tent. It is available without tent with just a simple ladder and a slide. The wood used is reliable which gives a very safe platform to climb the bed and to slide down from the other side. Its durability cannot be denied.

Underneath the Lofted bed:

It is a low loft bed with a complete space available under it. As mentioned earlier, it is not having a tent underneath the bed so the exposed space under the bed can be well decorated with the other accessories all around the room. It can be made a sound corner for your child to read a book or can be set as a play area. So, this place available for free which can be utilized according to your child’s conditions. This spacious area can facilitate a massive lot of stuff.

Rail Protection:

Again like other lofty beds, safety has taken the prior position, and the sides are well protected with the railing to guard your child against any bad incident and getting injured.


Low lofted bed with slide is well furnished and polished with light espresso which gives a very graceful touch to the lofted bed. No doubt deep espresso enhances the well equipped and luxurious appearance of the bed.


Taking into consideration the product dimensions, it is said to be 78 x 41.2 x 43.2 inches.


  1. Castle Tent Twin Loft Bed Slide Playhouse:

Coming straight out of the fairy tale, the Castle tent twin loft bed slide Playhouse is one of its kinds. Whether you talk about a girl or a boy, it will always be preferred by the both. Living in the castle can be a dream of your child which can come true by getting this unique and innovative product of ours. This loft bed requires some assembling, but it is not difficult to understand and easy to carry it out.

It is made with metal rods and furnished with a white coat. What makes it different from others is the tent which is at the top of the lofted bed. The slide it comprises is also tented with a tower letting a child have a peek through. The tent is made up of microfiber fabric which is red and blue in colors. The colors used are very dazzling and bright which attract not only the attention of the kids but also the adults. The material used is 100% polyester.

The mattress used for this bunk bed is the twin size which is 74 to 75 inches long, whereas its width varies from 37.5 to 38.5 inches.

Underneath the Lofted bed

Castle Tent Twin Loft Bed with Slide has a plenty of space beneath the lofted bed. This place can be utilized as a storage space. It can also be considered as a hiding place for the child while playing as it has a window covers folded down. A child can also make it as a peaceful, quiet reading area for himself.

Due to abundant space, a second mattress can be accommodated on the high bed. In this way, two children can enjoy this fun looking dreamy castle at the same time.

Protective measures:

As it is having a tent at the top of the bed, so it becomes very safe. Parents need not worry about as it covers all around and only the entrance space of the ladder is open.


It measures 79-3/4 inches x 101-1/4 inches x 92 inches tall.

Final Words:

To sum up, lofty beds are no doubted the best choice when we talk about creating more space in a room. Moreover, it adds in colors and style to your child’s room; Loft beds combine with some items that include desks, closets, drawers, etc. Other than these a slide is one smarter feature of these lofty beds which add to the fun for the kids. Whether it is the early morning wake ups or may be nature call, children can quickly slide down out of their beds.


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