Loft Bed for Adults

Loft Bed for Adults

Loft bed for adults


With the increased population, tiny homes are the new trend. Considering the fact that small homes have become quite popular, the real work comes on the part of the designers who now have to design in a way which makes the home spacious along with giving it a modern look. The furniture we use has a major effect on how tight or spacious the house looks. To address this, loft beds are the pieces of furniture like loft bed for adults are used to reclaim the much-needed space in small homes and to make the bedroom more spacious.

loft bed for adults

The general structure of a loft bed is somewhat like this; there is a mattress placed on a wooden or metal frame set high above the ground so either a closet, set of drawers or a studying desk can fit underneath. A ladder is usually part of the set as it allows the user to climb to the bed. Mostly all of these components are joined but sometimes, the bed and rest of the set can be separated though still maintaining the visual “one unit” effect.

Loft beds beautifully incorporate sleeping space with other activities. Children love to have these beds as they get to place a lot of their toys nearby in the drawers and it becomes fun to have it all near their bed. Children who are studying prefer the desks because it becomes manageable for them and all of their study related books/stationery stays at one place.

If we talk about the right age, then it would be better for children of ages 5 and above so that they can easily climb and down the ladder. Moreover, it would be ideal in a situation where you want two kids to share the same room. They both will get their own beds along with a cute and small space for toys and/or school belongings. The feel that children get from loft beds is like living in their own world. Children let their imagination run wild where the bed could be a cabin in woods or any other fantasy. It is ideal for child’s character because he/she feels responsible for their part of the bed and therefore are encouraged to keep it clean and ordered.

The material that is mostly used for these loft beds is wood. 100 percent solid construction with wood, pine wood mostly. Aluminum, steel or metal are also now common material choices. Reason being they are durable, strong and stable as well. The real trick, however, is to make sure that the design is such that no injury is caused to the user. All edges must be finely done, and complete security must be given to the buyers.

However, loft beds are not limited only to children, and there are a lot of beds available for adults, too. For instance, these beds have become increasingly popular in the dorms of universities where two or three students have to share the same room. So, there is no restriction as to who uses the bed. The loft beds are available in many styles and designs, giving you a lot of choices to choose from. Using a loft bed can provide you with a lot of different ideas and ways to freely set the interior of your room as you want. Compared to a normal bed, loft beds take only half the space. This then frees up a lot of space for including other things in your room like making a small area for sitting and having tea, by placing a center table and two chairs along with. Perhaps, the only downside to the design could be the ladder. Since some people find it annoying to climb the ladder every time. Long story short, loft beds are surely a treat to have and people will always be satisfied with the end results. In this article, after having a brief introduction to loft beds; we will review some of the loft beds for adults. And that will surely equip you with the right information and will help you to find the right bed as per your needs.

  1. Twin/Full Bunk Beds for Adults or Youth with Storage, Shelves & Free Storage Pockets

This one is a classic design which will add to the beauty of your room. It is medium wood tone stairway bunk bed which is crafted with durable pine wood to be a part of your room. The bunk bed has storage drawers and display shelves in stairs for extra storage and functionality. This loft bed comes in twin over full size and the storage drawers underneath the bottom bunk are available to use for extra storage.

The furniture meets ASTM & CPSC safety standards and bunk beds are tested to support the minimum weight of 400 pounds making it perfect for kids, teens or adults. Parents no longer have to worry about the sturdiness of the material as it has all been certified. The bed is made from 100 percent pine wood, no additions, so strength is guaranteed. The dimensions of the bed are 104” x 59” x 70”, which makes it easily adaptable to any kind of bedroom. One interesting thing that Custom Kids Furniture is offering is that they are giving free bunk bed storage pockets along with the bed. People can share their color preferences with them, or else green pockets come by default. While this was the general explanation of the bed, this pro and con table will surely set the picture straight for most of you.

Pros                                                               Cons


Solid wood construction; 100 percent pine wood


Need to fully assemble the bed


Simple design, can easily fit any room


Certified and checked for safety standards


Extra storage space with drawers and shelves


Free storage pockets (colored)


  1. Twin/Full Furniture of America Concord Bunk Bed, Espresso

Right from the very first look this bed gives an antique and classy look, and that is probably because of the exterior Espresso colored paint that has been done. It is a twin/full solid wood bunk bed that secures a neat espresso finish that is free from stains. There is a ladder that is connected to the upper bed and is placed at an angle. The bed has a very simple yet elegant design that can make your room more spacious and at the same time maintain the decor of the room.


The dimensions of the bed are 80.8” x 61.75” x 65.13”. The overall height of the structure goes to 33 inches, as it is of the upper bed. Slats styled headboard and footboard give a very secure look and increase the strength of the structure. The bed’s design is such that either a boy or a girl can have it in their room and start using it with no complicated instructions. The reassuring thing is that all the parts of the bed have a 30-day warranty so just in case something breaks or turns out to be faulted, the company will have it replaced. All in all, this bed is definitely a keeper if you are looking for a simple yet attractive design.


Customers were extremely satisfied with the end product. They were happy that the design was really attractive and there was absolutely no issue of the bed being wobbly. The material was strong and durable, as said by people who had been using it for over a year. Overall, about 80 percent of the users gave it a full 5-star review.


Pros                                                             Cons


Solid wood construction


Assembly requires two adults


Attractive espresso color with clean finish


No storage space


Simple design, can fit any room


30      ay replacement warranty for parts



  1. Coaster Loft Bed Full Size Work Station


Coaster home furnishings has manufactured this loft bed in a unique way, keeping mind the fact that it is for small spaces and also that it has to maintain a good look for the room as well. It features one single bed placed high above the ground and beneath it lays a study desk. The study table is of the full width of the overall structure. This means that user can place their desktops as well as some books and/or stationery. This is a really smart design because it incorporates two separate pieces of furniture into one, therefore, taking up least amount of bedroom space. The overall weight of the bed is just 180 pounds, which means that two people can easily move the bed from one place to other when needed. The product dimensions are 80.5” x 69.5” x 72.5”. The color of the bed is black that can match almost any room décor. When ordered from it gets delivered to your doorstep from 3 to 5 days.


The customer reviews regarding the bed were great. They were extremely satisfied that the bed was made of high quality and metal and the finishing touches were great. Many of them were of the view that the bed had instantly given their room a modern look and compared to previous large bed sets, hardly took up any space. The bed was generally used for teenager rooms, and it pleased them all, despite the fact that teenagers have high standards. The only issue which arose to most of the users was the lack of clear instructions given for the assembly, which as a result took up a lot of their time. Other than this, a good 65 percent of the users gave it a full 5-star review. This pros and cons table will help you make a quick decision as to whether you require the bed or not.


Pros                                                             Cons


High quality metal


Assembly required


Black color with nice finishing touches


Lack of clear instructions


Gives instant modern look


A lot of space on study table and beneath it as well


Not at all heavy, can easily be moved


Bed doesn’t wobble at all




  1. Fine Furniture 2209 Metal Bunk Bed by Coaster with A Futon, A Desk, A Chair and A CD RACK

Coaster home furnishings has manufactured yet another design that is a perfect blend between elegance and functionality. This loft bed is built from high quality metal that guarantees the sturdiness of the structure. The black finish of the metal is also very clean and glossy that it adds to the overall look. There is one bed that is situated high above the ground and the space beneath has been utilized in useful ways. There is a corner desk on left hand side. That desk has enough space that a desktop can be placed over it with all its essentials like keyboard, CPU and mouse. A CD rack is also fixed on to the desk. The left opening of the desk has been netted with metal to provide a secure place. To the right hand side of that desk you will find a futon chair. That chair is really useful because people can sit on it to relax and this incorporation of sitting space with bed is really smart.

The ladder which connects to the bed is fixed on to the bed set on the right hand side, so there is no risk of  it slipping or being disconnected. Another great point is that along with the corner desk, a metal chair is provided that can be used with it. So, you no longer have to spend more money to buy a chair for that desk. The overall weight of the bed is 124 pounds which means users can easily move it to bring variations in the room setting. The product dimensions are 75.8” x 6.2” x 45.5”. The design of the bed is really simple yet classy that it will easily match the décor of any room.


Customers, however, had mixed views regarding the bed. They were happy that it incorporated a workstation and sleeping bed in such less space. The design and finish of the metal were also appealing. The instructions were not clear, though, and it took up a lot of their time to get done with the assembly. Many of the users also found the bed to be a little wobbly,  thus not completely safe for their children. Overall, 57 percent of them gave it a full 5-star review.


Pros                                                             Cons


Simple and elegant design


Assembly instructions not clear


High quality metal


Bed wobbles a bit


Futon, study desk and study chair included


Futon pad not included


Ladder fixed to the bed


CD rack included


Lightweight and easily manageable



  1. Fine Furniture 460023 Loft Bed by Coaster with Workstation

This loft bed has featured a bunk bed on top and workstation beneath it. The bed has been built from high-quality metal to ensure that the strength of the structure is not an issue. The bed on the top is guarded by metal rails on all four sides to give the user a secure feel. The space beneath the bed has been utilized to its maximum. You will find a wide table that has been fixed along with an additional shelf layer on top of it. Now, the table alone has enough space to place plenty of things; desktop, monitor, printer and books. There is also a keyboard tray fixed with the desk that again comes of use. The shelf on top of it is a bonus point that can further be used to place books, decoration pieces or anything of that sort which the users feels the need to. The ladder has been fixed onto the structure on both the right and left the side, for easy access. The design is all very simple but smartly utilizes space in the maximum way possible and thus can easily fit in any kind of room.

Coaster Home Furnishings have full confidence in their product which is why they offer free replacement of parts that are found to be faulty. People can contact the customer service department of Amazon to get more details about it. The product dimensions are 74.5” x 5.5” x 63” and weighs 157 pounds.

Customers were really pleased with the overall product. Almost all of them were satisfied with the sturdiness of the bed and even children of ages 17+ found no issues in sleeping on the bed. The desk was also very strong and even after placing really heavy things, it did not collapse. To our surprise, the bed was really easy to assemble, and one person alone can do the whole process. Overall, more than 60 percent of the users gave it a full 5-star review.

Pros                                                             Cons


Extremely sturdy design


No chair included


Utilizes a lot of space by placing the study desk


Ladders on both the sides


Full length guard rails for safety


Free replacement for parts if damaged


Easy to assemble, takes up only an hour and half


This was a short review on some of the loft beds that are there in the market for the adults. You can choose the one that suits your requirements the best. Make sure you check the measurements of the room and the bed carefully. You can also visit the nearby shop to check the look and measurements. By doing this there will be no problem in placing the loft bed inside the room.

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