Full Size Loft Beds

Full Size Loft Beds



Now a day’s people are shifting more towards smaller homes. It is both cheap and efficient solution of our generation’s current problems. This trend is becoming more and more common among our generation that once they start their practical life, they move out from their parent’s home and start their independent life somewhere else. At this stage of their career, they can normally afford a two bedroom apartment. This is enough space for a bachelor but not for someone who has recently started a family.

full size loft beds

While buying furniture for such apartments, one should come up with smart solutions which suits both your budget and space. Loft beds are one of such innovations which come under the category of smart furniture ideas. They not only take lesser space from your usual beds but are also cost effective. They are very easy to assemble. You can simply buy them online, and once the parcel arrives, it takes few minutes to assemble the product. Their transportation is far easier than conventional full sized, heavy beds, which takes larger space and often gets stuck between your doors while moving.

Apart from being handy, loft beds also look more stylish and trendy and give your apartment a whole new classy look. They are available in various designs and colors to fit the interior of your apartment. With a loft bed in your room, you get a lot of extra space for adding a sitting area or a study area in your room.

Loft beds come in all sizes and are equally popular among kids and adults. If you have guests over or your kids have invited their friends for sleepovers, you can adjust these loft beds according to your needs. They take less space in the room but still provide a larger sleeping area.

Some people might have this misconception that loft beds are only good for bachelor apartments and do not accommodate enough people. Well, this is not the case anymore. Loft beds are available in various sizes according to the needs of individual customers. Nowadays loft beds come with all sorts of customizations which gives you a chance to change its design to accommodate your guests when they come over. They also come with additional storage space for keeping your clothes, bed covers, etc. Sometimes they are equipped with an additional sliding bed underneath for accommodating extra guests. Some loft beds also have a shelf or two which can be turned into a bookshelf, study table or you can simply decorate it with some of your collections. These modifications in loft beds have made them a smart investment.

If you are convinced that loft beds are what you need in your apartment, we have few recommendations for you. You might find these products quite useful.

  1. Abode Full Size Loft Bed, in Silver by Dorel Home Products

This beautiful bed is a reflection of both elegance and style. With its unique design, it adjusts perfectly with your interior and gives it an uplift. Apart from being a classy new addition to your interior it is also handy and can be used for multi-tasking.

For all those who are looking for a loft bed to fit in their small apartment bedroom, here is the product for you. It has a silver frame whereas the desk and shelves are black in color. For climbing on top, this design has two ladders. One ladder is at the front and second one is on the side. This loft bed weighs 174 pounds and is 72 inches in height, 81 inches in width and 58.5 inches in length. Its silver color gives a nice elegant look to your room and goes well with the light interior.

This bed comes with an additional stylish shelf which can be used for a number of purposes. By decorating it with a lamp, a table calendar, and a cute little pen holder, you can easily turn it into a study table for your kids. If you are one of those book lovers who cannot go to sleep without having a book in their hand, they can turn it into a bookshelf and keep their books closer to their bed. However, if none of the above suits your mood or needs you can place some ornaments on that shelf with some photo frames to give it more of a stylish and modern look. You can always put the ladder on the side when not in use. The upper bunk comes with an insert and lock construction which can be very useful especially if you have bought it for your kids. The top bunk has safety guardrails and ladder access which will protect your children from falling off the edges. The position and placement of the ladder are not like usual bunk beds as it is in the front of the bed.

The feedback received from the customers for this bed was outstanding. They gave it 4.5 stars and praised its superb quality and ravishing design.


  1. Columbia Full Over Full Staircase Bunk Bed with Trundle Bed, in White by Atlantic Furniture

This particular loft bed is designed for providing lasting durability. This loft bed is eco-friendly and is made up of hardwood which has been given a protective five step finish. In safety, it outclasses industry standards. It is available with one year manufacturer’s warranty.

You can customize this bed according to your needs. When you have guests over you can convert it into separate beds. You can set up the staircase on either side of the bed depending what suits your room’s décor. Once you purchase this product you will be asked to assemble it yourself. Mattress and beddings will be sold separately.


Dimensions of this bed are perfect for a small bedroom. It weighs 67 pounds with a length, width, and height of 60 inches, 43.25 inches, and 5 inches respectively. The white color of this bed gives it an elegant look and gives you room a lighter feel. With some colorful bedcovers, you can give it more of a classy look.


This bed comes with an additional storage space underneath its staircase. You can store a variety things in these drawers. It can be your storage space for the all the bed covers, blankets, quilts, etc. or can be used to store your clothes or shoes of next season. With an option of an extra bed underneath, you can accommodate more people in comparatively smaller space. This bed comes out whenever required and can be slid back when needed no more.


This product has received four stars from its customers because of its exceptional quality and flexible design.


  1. Woodland Full Over Full Staircase Bunk Bed in Antique Walnut with Urban Trundle

This bed will provide you a lifelong of durability. This loft bed is eco-friendly and is made up of hardwood which has been given a protective five step finish. It comes with a one year warranty and outclasses industry standards for safety.

If you are the kind of person who likes to experiment with their décor once in a while but does not want to spend extra money on buying new furniture, then our product will come in handy. Without the purchase of a new bed, you can simply modify the design of this bed. If the beds are connected, you can separate them into two beds and or place them back together if they were separated before. This way you will get a new feel without wasting any money. Secondly, if you are the kind of person who hosts a lot of guests, then the flexibility in the design of this loft bed might come in handy for adjusting a large number of guests.

It’s assembled height, width and length are 4.5 inches, 13.25 inches, and 79 inches respectively. The loft bed can accommodates mattress which is up to 9 ½ inches in size. With a weight of 51 pounds, this bed comes with perfect dimensions for a small home and is easy to adjust.

This double story loft bed also has a hidden bed underneath which comes out whenever you need to accommodate an extra person and goes back in when the need has been fulfilled. Its unique and stylish staircase have additional shelves at the bottom which can be used to store your books, trophies, photo frames, CDs and or anything else depending on your mood and requirement. Instead of taking a lot of space in your room like conventional full sized beds, it fulfills the same purpose in a smaller area and adds style to your room.

This product has received amazing feedback. Customers gave it four stars. They have loved it for its excellent quality and classy design.

Ending Remarks

So,  for the lovers of classic, elegant and antique designs these loft beds will quickly become your favorite sleep time fort, they will become your safe heaven and will make you feel completely satisfied with their good quality and value.  These beds will last you quite a long time.  It is high to replace your boring, old and conventional beds with these stylish loft beds.

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